Adaora is a lover of all things fashion. Since the tender age of 6, Adaora has been in the fashion light one way or another. Her first fashion night out was her kindergarten graduation. Adaora’s mum dressed her up in a ruby red dress with pleats running down the side, added with a white chiffon bow on the front. She added a pair of white satin shoes with half an inch of heel. (LOL no one could tell her anything that night) That was the day the fashionista blossomed. Today Adaora Tia is a wife, a mother, a wardrobe stylist, a fashion blogger, a runway model, an online T.V. host and an event promoter. The world of all things pretty has swept her off her feet and onto cloud 9. Follow her on her fashion journey and see first hand into the closet of Adaora Tia.